We provide mediation services throughout Gippsland, Melbourne and other areas of regional Victoria. Interstate mediation services are also available.

We are happy to work with organisations, clubs, and businesses or with individual parties to assist them to resolve their disputes.
We can also provide mediators who have experience in working with indigenous members of our community.

We are very happy to work with parties individually or with parties who are represented by barristers and/or solicitors..

Our Services include:

  • Pre mediation meetings with each party
  • Half or full day mediations, or multiple sessions where appropriate
  • Multiple day mediation where appropriate
  • Assistance with drawing agreements
  • Follow up consultations if required

We are happy to tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Areas of practice:
Our panel of mediators are experienced in mediating a variety of disputes, including (but not limited to): wills and estates, property law, building and planning disputes, local government, associations, clubs, sporting bodies, retirement villages, nursing homes and aged care venues, contract disputes, small business and partnership disputes, hospitals / health care centres, schools, personal injury, tenancy, leases, body corporate and family disputes.



Travel and location of Mediation Venues:
In most circumstances we are happy to travel to you. Alternatively, we have interview rooms and mediation venues available in Traralgon, Warragul, and Melbourne and in other regional locations.

Legal Advice
In some circumstances it may be helpful for parties to obtain legal advice before mediation, even if they are not represented during the mediation. This avoids the situation where agreement is reached at mediation, but later falls apart because a party participating in mediation obtains legal advice after the mediation has been completed. Obtaining legal advice prior to mediation in these circumstances can prevent an unnecessary waste of time, resources and money

Telephone interpreter services are available.

What our services do not include:
Every dispute is unique. We are available to assist you to settle your dispute though discussion and negotiation. Mediation works because the parties to a dispute have control over their discussions and negotiations, and resolve their disputes in a manner which suits them.

It is very important that the parties participating in mediation make their own decisions about possible solutions for themselves.

It is for this reason that we will not advise you on what we think is the best settlement solution and we will not make any decisions for you.
If you need further advice and information regarding the factors which affect you in relation to your dispute, we may provide you with an independent list of organisations which may be able to give you further information or advice relevant to your needs.

Our Fees:
Our fee structure is competitive and reasonable.

Please contact us with your further enquiries in relation to our fees


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